Big Mama Chimichanga Drama

It's one big, amazing mess in Arizona.
It's one big, amazing mess in Arizona. Photo:

Sometimes a chimichanga tastes like a fried burrito; other days, it tastes like a slow news day. Which brings us to the cover of today’s Times, where the origins of Arizona’s soon-to-be “state food” has been reported as quite the burning issue. Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen, a chain, says their founder, Woody, “was tinkering in the kitchen in 1946 when the chimichanga was born.” But the folks at El Charro Cafe, founded in 1922, say their ancestors accidentally created the chimichanga by clumsily dropping a burrito into a vat of boiling lard. Will the truth ever be revealed? Who cares! But we definitely know what’s for lunch … [NYT]