People Just Don’t Make Deals on the Backs of Napkins These Days

See ya later, alligator.
See ya later, alligator. Photo: iStockphoto

So lamented one sorrowful patron of Bakey’s to the Herald. The throwback power lunch spot is set to close today after 23 years in business, so get your super-size sandwiches while you still can.

Has power-lunching really changed in Boston? Or are there just new players in the game? The Herald seems to think the place is a charming relic: “Instead of looking over each other’s shoulders at flat-screen TVs, patrons actually talk and, if necessary, rely on a 10-pound unabridged 1951 Webster’s Dictionary to settle debates, instead of using Google.” (Apparently these debates involve antiquated vocabulary words?)

Anyway, the former see-and-be-seen spot will be taken over by a true sign of the times: a restaurant called The Warehouse on Broad, which will have an “industrial warehouse” feel. Very on-trend! However, loyal Bakey’s diners shouldn’t despair. The new owner plans to keep several of their signature menu items. No word on the 1951 dictionary, though.

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