Midtown Lunch Going Back for Bäco

Baco's flatbreads, a "sleeper hit."
Baco's flatbreads, a "sleeper hit." Photo: Zach Brooks via Midtown Lunch

Acknowledging it may be too early to cast stone solid judgement (even if it’s not too early to charge customers), Zach Brooks has “a lunch of hits and misses” at Josef Centeno’s new Bäco Mercat in Downtown, serving the chef’s proprietary gyro/taco/pizza meldings and house-made sodas, all under ten-dollars. After placing an order at the walk-up counter, he finds joy in a shrimp bäco, a porchetta bäco, a rich bowl of bäzole, and determines the flatbreads, called “cocas,” just may be the new restaurant’s “sleeper hits.” The early word is more than encouraging in regards to the chef’s Lazy Ox Canteen followup. [Midtown Lunch]