Anthony Bourdain Doesn’t Know or Care Who Ruth Bourdain Really Is

Ruth BORED-ain.
Ruth BORED-ain. Photo: Alexander Tamargo

No one really cared when Adam Robb and Josh Friedland were rightly or wrongly called out as the co-conspirators behind Ruth Bourdain. And over at a Food Bank for New York City event, Grub Street learned that even Anthony Bourdain was somewhere in between blind eye and who cares.

“Yeah … I think the key suspects are strong candidates … I think both of those are likely scenarios. I think Adam’s previous work as Fake Restaurant Girl certainly puts him in the hot seat, and the telephone numbers, the reverse-engineered telephone numbers are damning evidence that it’s Josh.” Did he call the number himself? “I didn’t! I don’t care. [Laughs.]” Still, the man likes a good secret, “I was really enjoying the ride and trying not to think about who it might be. I enjoyed the tweets. It was fun … I want it to go on. I was trying to un-see. People say, ‘Who do you think it is?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know!’ I think you kind of need the mystery, honestly. It’s more fun when you think Santa’s really there.”