What’s Cooking at Township Kitchen Americana & Saloon, Opening Tomorrow in Hollywood

Township's New England Clam Chowder

On Wednesday evening, Hollywood restaurateur George Abou-Daoud will replace District, an eatery he stresses he was never 100% happy with, with Township Kitchen Americana & Saloon, a watering hole and restaurant that is fairly straight-forward and familiar, but still rather uncommon in its scope. Township is a historical retrospective and celebration of homey U.S. cooking and culinary innovation, with foot-long beef hot dogs representing a host of cities from Chicago to L.A., shrimp and oyster po’ boys from down South, Yankee pot roasts, Memphis ribs, Native American hickory smoked chicken, San Francisco oyster fries and South Carolina shrimp boils, and “blueblood” and “blue collar” burgers, all fastidiously studied, then advanced through superior ingredients and maximum character. What results is a menu of tight renditions and carnivorous indulgence, where food options are abundant, but considerably dwarfed by a whopping list of U.S. bourbons, corn and rye whiskeys, national craft beer, and alcoholic takes on familiar North American refreshments like egg creams and sweet tea. Take a look at what Township will serve in Hollywood in our slideshow.