What You Missed at The Baja Culinary Fest

Paella from Casa Plascencia

We spent our first hour in Tijuana lost almost beyond redemption this past Saturday, thanks to typically inadequate internet directions. With taquerias, tamale carts, street markets, and food vendors catching our eyes from every direction, it was almost tempting to abandon our plans to hit The Baja Culinary Fest and instead suss out the city’s exciting gastronomic and street food scene. With thanks to our Spanish teachers past, we finally arrived at El Trompo Museo Interactivo two hours into this seven hour food fair showcasing several culinary strengths of Tijuana and Baja California. From chef Javier Plascencia’s paella and rib meat tacos to the original Caesar salad to mountains of superior ceviche, as well as thrilling finds among Baja’s beer, coffee, and wine scene, the day continually proved to us why the quick trip down to Tijuana is a must for lovers of Mexican food, both traditional and innovative. Check out our slideshow of this packed day of feasting at the first ever Baja Culinary Fest.