Enter a Tony Maws Trivia Contest, Possibly Win Dinner at Craigie on Main

Photo: The Maws/Flickr

Craigie on Main’s handing out a free prix-fixe dinner to one lucky fan — but the stakes are rather high. Contestants need to post on Craigie’s Facebook wall with a piece of trivia about chef Tony Maws. (The winner is chosen at random, not based upon most humiliating or X-rated fact, though it probably couldn’t hurt.) We haven’t read any true revelations yet, though people certainly are trying their hardest to be original!

A few of our faves:

“His name is appropriate for someone whose job it is to please mouths.”

“He devoured steamers at Legal Seafood before his second birthday.”

“He is his own wine director… what a renaissance man! doin it all!”

“Cooks are masochists.”

And, finally: “He has awesome hair!” (Kiss-up.)

If you know something juicy about Mr. Maws, by all means, try your luck on Craigie’s Facebook page! (Of course, you might want to consult our prior post on this very topic if you need a bit of help.)

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