Things Not So Rosy at Greenhouse’s CB2 Appearance

Greenhouse, in Soho.
Greenhouse, in Soho. Photo: Melissa Hom

You may recall Soho’s Greenhouse club as the place where a reality-TV star allegedly slashed a bouncer’s face, and at an appearance before CB2’s liquor license committee earlier this week, reps from the ecofriendly club promised to beef up security. In fact, lawyer Terry Flynn Jr. even proposed patdowns and “random searches” of suspicious patrons. But CB2 members once again turned down the club’s app for an alteration to sell liquor in an expanded space on Varick Street. It was the second such rejection for the club, though it isn’t in danger of losing its current license. Flynn reminded Grub Street that there are “no outstanding charges” against Greenhouse, and that his plans are to go back to the SLA with the proposal.