The Strip House Hits a Snag

Don't give up, Steve.

Don't give up, Steve.

Unfortunately, Steve Hanson's newly acquired Strip House on East 12th Street won't have its closing time pushed later anytime soon. Community Board 2 voted 23–17, with one abstention, last night, to return his app to its liquor licensing committee for additional review and input from residents. Board members objected to language giving Hanson a green light for a 2 a.m. closing and the opportunity to apply for a 4 a.m. closing in a year (provided there would be no violations in the interim). Before the board vote, Grub asked Hanson why he was so insistent on a 4 a.m. closing for the Strip House, which his BR Guest Hospitality Group purchased late in July. "That's what I have for 36 other licenses and I'm entitled to it," he said. Fair enough.

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