The Strip House Hits a Snag

Don't give up, Steve.

Unfortunately, Steve Hanson’s newly acquired Strip House on East 12th Street won’t have its closing time pushed later anytime soon. Community Board 2 voted 23–17, with one abstention, last night, to return his app to its liquor licensing committee for additional review and input from residents. Board members objected to language giving Hanson a green light for a 2 a.m. closing and the opportunity to apply for a 4 a.m. closing in a year (provided there would be no violations in the interim). Before the board vote, Grub asked Hanson why he was so insistent on a 4 a.m. closing for the Strip House, which his BR Guest Hospitality Group purchased late in July. "That’s what I have for 36 other licenses and I’m entitled to it," he said. Fair enough.

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