The Ripper Is Not Ripped

No Soulcycle for chef.

Over at last night’s City Harvest event, with guacamole from Hecho en Dumbo in one hand and a cannoli from Donatella in the other, Grub Street couldn’t help but ask Eric Ripert if he ever eats, well, crap. "No, I don’t eat junk food. Dark chocolate is my only ‘junk food.’ Okay, I did steal some gummies from my son today. I wasn’t going to tell him, but now he will know." That’s not too bad, chef. Are you all healthy about the gym, too? "The gym? No. I don’t go. Never. I’m not skinny though!" No long runs on the beach with Bourdain? "You know, I’ve never even thought to ask him if he works out. That’s strange, right? But I really doubt it."