The Limelight Is Crying Inside

Where you can now go for pancakes, with a side of depression.

Oh, man. Somewhere Andy Warhol is rolling over in his grave. Or maybe he’s licking his lips. Who knows! One thing’s for sure, it’s a screwed-up IHOP world — and we’re all living in it. Eater has the scoop that IHOP is coming to the Limelight — the legendary church turned party den turned trendy shopping, food, and Todd English–y hang (CrossBar is already there; so is Grimaldi’s). IHOP has already flipped 14th Street on its head, an event stirring up many mixed emotions. But Chelsea’s the Limelight? With many, many more to come? The news is a real indicator of the chainification of New York … a lot to wash down. [Real Deal via Eater NY]