Hotel Griffou Owner Not One to Mince Words, or Make Sense

But how does he really feel?
But how does he really feel? Photo: Adrian Wilson

It’s very likely that we’ve been hanging out with too many bad-boy chefs instead of highbrow literati, but this enraged letter from Jesse Keyes, owner of Hotel Griffou, to Sam Sifton (who was quite harsh, to say the least, on Griffou recently) is about as impossible to translate as a Momofuku recipe on crystal meth. For example: “Misanthropy without irony pointing to redemption is simple malfeasance. Moliere would have protested.” Clearly, the subtext reads something like, “Don’t screw with my restaurant, ya big, stupid has-been” with a lot of pseudo-intellectual blah-blah-blah in between. But maybe we just don’t get it. After all, he lost us at the bathroom threesome. [HuffPo]