Shucked, All About Life on Island Creek’s Oyster Farm, Drops Today

Get Shucked.
Get Shucked. Photo: Erin Byers Murray

Erin Byers Murray chucked her comfy magazine career to spend a year shucking oysters for Island Creek in Duxbury. Happily, her experiment paid off in the form of a book: Shucked: Life on a New England Oyster Farm recounts her rugged, unplugged life on the coast, and it’s out today. It’s getting great reviews, too. If you want a vivid glimpse into the colorful lives of the characters who actually farm your food — or just want to understand how a fast-track writer managed to detach for a year without going nuts — pick up a copy. Grub Street gives Murray lots of credit: The closest we’ve ever come to an Island Creek oyster is dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar. [Amazon]