Scott Conant Gives NYC D.O.C.G. Rumors the Boot

Conant. Photo: Melissa Hom

Late last summer, rumors started to circulate that Scarpetta’s Scott Conant would be bringing his Las Vegas–based D.O.C.G. concept to the abandoned Paris Commue space at 99 Bank Street in the West Village. But when we caught up with the chef at last night’s City Harvest benefit, Conant said the rumors were completamente falso. “I looked at it,” he said. “But I look at a lot of places.” Conant revealed that, if anything, his next concept will actually move away from D.O.C.G.’s casual vibe, and admitted that he misses a “white tablecloth” kind of formal setting. It’s probably worth mentioning that, thanks to a collision with a server earlier in the night, he plucked some errant caviar off his coat as he told us this.