L.A.’s Mole Master Opens Rocio’s Moles del Dioses in Bell

Camacho, in red, at the opening
Camacho, in red, at the opening Photo: Javier Cabral

Big news from Bell this morning, as Javier Cabral reports on the opening of Rocio’s Moles del Dioses, the new restaurant from mole innovator Rocio Camacho, who has blown minds at Moles La Tia, Juan’s Restaurante in Baldwin Park, and Lynwood’s La Huasteca over the past few years. Calling your small restaurant “Moles of the Gods” and debuting with skull-faced Aztec dancers clearly sets the stage for intimidating levels of expectations.

According to The Glutster, Camacho delivers as always, with genre-tweaking Mexican recipes both soulful and exacting, from her tamarindo con chile de Arbol agua fresca and passionfruit-laced guacamole to a mole made from mezcal, chipotle, and beets. Expect Camacho’s own restaurant to be a destination for Mexican foodists for months to come, as wherever she appears, appetites for creative, enduring Mexican cuisine soon follow.

Rocio’s Moles del Dioses, 6242 Maywood Ave. Bell.

Rocio’s Mole de los Dioses: Mundane Mexican No More II [The Glutster]