Rival Bros to Perk Up the Local Coffee Scene

Rival Bros Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi.
Rival Bros Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi. Photo: Jason Varney

There’s certainly been no shortage of small, independent artisan coffee roasters sprouting up around the city in recent months. And today there comes word that Pub & Kitchen chef Jonathan Adams is one half of the latest operation to fall into those ranks. Adams and lifelong friend, Damien Pileggi, a La Colombe vet, have launched Rival Bros Coffee, a small-batch roaster, according to a prepared statement. Rival Bros will sell its coffee online for nationwide distribution and locally with what the two have dubbed a “mobile coffee shop,” a converted delivery truck that will brew and pour coffee to order at Love Park in weeks to come. The truck will be equipped with built-in pour-over stations, a La Marzocco two-group espresso machine with pre-infusion paddles, a Fetco extractor brewer, an Italian-made Mazzer espresso coffee grinder, and one kick-ass sound system.