René Redzepi Would Rather Eat at Roberta’s Than McDonald’s

Photo: Slim ALLAGUI/AFP/Getty Images

When we caught up with best chef in the world René Redzepi at Greenmarket’s New Nordic Cookout this weekend, we were curious where he planned to eat on this brief jaunt to New York. “Roberta’s,” he told us, “I’m going with a table of twelve, so we will order everything.” Jealous! At the other end of the restaurant spectrum, does the chef ever end up grabbing a bite at McDonald’s when he travels? “The last time I ate at McDonald’s … I was forced to go there near the Spanish Steps in Rome when I was 17,” he divulged. “It’s not that I don’t like a burger. Usually I start work at eight-thirty in the morning and end at one at night, so the little time off I have I’m not going to spend at McDonald’s.” Fair enough. And what does Redzepi think of “the New Nordic Cuisine,” anyway? “I think we should call it more regional, authentic cuisine,” he said. “I think the inspiration is because we’re in a place where you don’t expect that to happen. We’re in the cold north … if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.”