Reality TV Courts L.A. Food Bloggers

Us too!
Us too! Photo: Antigone78 via Flickr

A reader forwards us a mass email directed to the inboxes of L.A.’s food blogging community yesterday, “casting for a new reality competition project featuring talented food bloggers in Los Angeles. The show will involve a series of challenges that will give bloggers the opportunity to showcase their wit and expertise as a food connoisseur.” Classic! Now we’re dying to know just what challenges could be in store…

Maybe how many times one can use the word “market-sourced” without shooting oneself? Who can employ the most dramatic use of hyperbole when discussing bad (but probably free) new pizza? Who can best employ snark and self-promote their own posts while making trite corrections to another blogger’s post? We’d love to know your ideas for the show in our own comments section, snarky or not.