Real Cheap Eats by Real Cheap Writers

Eat like a king slash tortured writer.
Eat like a king slash tortured writer. Photo: Melissa Hom

What happens when a bunch of broke, food-obsessed writers get together? A lot of whiskey ‘n bitching for one, but also a project like Real Cheap Eats, “173 Cheap Eats Highlights From NYC Food Bloggers.” Grub can’t vouch for all the gastronomical ghetto-fab, but editor-at-large (and Law & Food creator) Noah Arenstein has been known to have a wealth of dumpling and dive-related knowledge, and he and his buddies’ “under $5 dollar” picks are worth checking out. Like, the risotto balls served at Arancini Brothers, or the $2.50 sliders with cheese at Mark pimped by Nick Solares, “Beef Aficionado.” The Indian Coke looks like a good way to spend a buck, too. [Real Cheap Eats]