The Feeding Tube: Eleven Real Secrets Behind TV Food Styling

Photo: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Yes, everyone knows food stylists use glue instead of milk when they’re shooting cereal commercials. “That’s what everyone asks when you tell them you’re a food stylist,” says Greg Lofts, who has made food look as delicious as possible for shows like Hallmark Channel’s Mad Hungry, TLC’s Kitchen Boss, and even behind the scenes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. But Lofts says the glue trick is just the beginning. From blowtorched turkey skin to the joy of processed, name-brand products (“Don’t buy the organic shit; it doesn’t work”), Lofts reveals the lesser-known tricks of the trade. Check them out, along with plenty of illustrative food porn taken from Lofts’s run on Mad Hungry, straight ahead in this slideshow.

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