Putting a Critic to Bed

Per Tascarella, Sifton looks pretty much like this.

"Of course I waited for every Tuesday, and read his reviews religiously, finding all sorts of ways to disagree with him. Another outer-borough place? What is he, an interior designer? I refuse to look up that obscure punk-rock/French film/16th century philosopher reference! If he refers to a piece of fish as a fist again, I’m going to punch my iPad. I was an angry young man. Then, one day, it dawned on me. Everything that didn’t jive with me, everything I didn’t understand, was right in the lede of my ‘bad’ review: the food was good, but the restaurant wasn’t." —Former Faustina GM (and future Nomad Hotel partner) Jeffrey Tascarella, looking back on the Sifton years. [Zagat Buzz]