Gabrielle Hamilton Hits the Big Time As ‘Page Six’ Says She’s Having an Affair

Probably not smiling this morning.
Probably not smiling this morning. Photo: Melissa Hom

We sure weren’t expecting to read this during our subway ride: Today “Page Six” runs a salacious little bit about Prune’s Gabrielle Hamilton. They “exclusively reveal” (their words) that Hamilton has been “having a secret affair with her sister’s husband.” They called Hamilton about it (no comment); they called her husband (no comment); they called her sister (no comment). They even cite an unnamed source who says the hanky-panky started a couple of summers ago. Is it true? We don’t know, and honestly, we don’t really care. But congratulations nonetheless, Ms. Hamilton: You are now famous enough for “Page Six” to dig around in your personal life, then write some bawdy, carnal “findings” (our word). We’d change our voice-mail password if we were you! After all, you are now in the same rarefied air as Blake Lively and Steve Phillips. [Page Six/NYP]