Pok Pok Ny Will Open in the Columbia Waterfront District

The famous wings.
The famous wings. Photo: Pok Pok/Facebook

A few weeks ago, the exciting news broke that Portland’s Beard Award winning Thai street food specialist, Pok Pok, would bring its fish-sauce chicken wings to the former home of Baohaus on Rivington. Well, today we learn the location of chef-owner Andy Ricker’s full sit-down restaurant, which will be called Pok Pok Ny: 127 Columbia Street in Brooklyn’s Columbia Waterfront district (“Ny” is a double entendre, referring to a Thai phrase for “in the city”). And the Lower East Side shop has a name, too: Pok Pok Wing. Ricker posted the news on Pok Pok’s Facebook page this morning, mentioning that the space has a tiny interior and large exterior, much like the original in Portland; we rang up the chef, who said he hoped to use the outdoor area year-round, but he’d have to see. He demurred to say much more, but did mention that “my feeling is that the Lower East Side will open first and the Columbia Street location will follow.” Color us excited. [Pok Pok/Facebook, Earlier]