Which Restaurants Should the Occupy Wall Streeters Occupy Next?


As we told you earlier, a Jay Baruchel look-alike some Occupy Wall Streeters recently stopped into Danny Meyer’s Union Square Cafe to let everyone know that they don’t agree with Mr. Hospitality’s connections to Sotheby’s (to see how that went, check out the video, embedded below). But guys, here’s the thing: Everyone loves Danny Meyer and his restaurants. Do you really think you’re going to persuade people to give up on the owner of Shake Shack because of something like a labor dispute? Whatever the truth of the situation is, the fact remains that most people care more about ShackBurgers than they do about laborers. (We’re just calling it like we see it.) So if you’re going to get us to turn on the city’s high-end restaurants, you’re going to have to start with one that we already sort of want to turn on, instead of one that pretty much everyone agrees is great. (What about Romera? Some people sure seem weirded out by that one!) Anyway, if you have suggestions for the Occupiers, leave them below.