Nitehawk Cinema Kicks Off In-Theater Boozing Tonight

Just rummy.
Just rummy. Photo: Melissa Hom

Rumblings about a new law that allows the Nitehawk Cinema to finally serve booze inside theaters, not just in the lobby, have been happening for a while. Now Grub hears that tonight at midnight is go-time. Attendees at the midnight screening of The Rum Diary will be able to sip a drink specially designed by none other than PDT’s Jim Meehan, right in their seats. The Rum Punch contains Banks 5 Island Rum, Sencha tea, Moroccan mint tea, lime juice, and Demerara sugar, and it’s served over ice with some grated nutmeg on top. And if anyone questions why you’re a hung-over wreck at work tomorrow, just tell them you were helping make cinema history.