New Ways to Conspicuously Appreciate Dan Barber’s Genius

If you've eaten here, be sure to buy the T-shirt.
If you've eaten here, be sure to buy the T-shirt.Photo: Courtesy of Blue Hill at Stone Barns

If you don’t manage to make the trek to Blue Hill at Stone Barns as often as you’d like — and if you want to take everything home once you get there — tool on over to the restaurant’s new online retail store. Born of diners constantly asking to buy tableware and such (anyone eating there would be far too classy to just nab the goods), custom-designed wine decanters, slate slabs, and candles are now available for click-to-purchase. And while you’re picking up a cute cow-shaped cutting board, might as well grab a Blue Hill tote bag. Because it’s important that everyone at the Greenmarket know you’ve made a pilgrimage or two to that particular locavore mecca. [Blue Hill Market via Tasting Table]