Naya Opening This Week in Silver Lake’s Tantra Space


It looks like Tantra and its accompanying Cloud Hookah Lounge are taking a heaping spoonful of style advice form Spacecraft. This week, the Silver Lake space reopens as Naya, a much prettier name to be sure, even if the tired tagline "fusion restaurant and lounge" doesn’t offer as much hope for change as we’d like to see. Spacecraft’s website originally mentioned that a Michelin-starred chef will be in the kitchen here, though little has come of the news at this point, even on Naya’s budding website. The restaurant is having an invite-only preview tomorrow, to be followed by a grand-opening announcement later this week. What do you think? Will this reinvention finally make 3705 Sunset pop?

Naya, 3705 W. Sunset Blvd. Silver Lake. 323-663-8268.