Naming the Next El Bulli; Hand Signals Elevate Fine Dining

• Women think about food more than sex, agonizing about their diets over their relationships. [Daily Mail UK]

• Back in the day at the Stork Club, Sherman Billingsley used hand signals to communicate various things to his staff such as “Get this table a free round of drinks.” Today, similar signals are still used at New York’s Eleven Madison Park. [NYT]

• Here’s a list of restaurants worldwide that might be the next El Bulli. [WSJ]

• Sifton submits his votes for the best restaurant to eat at alone (Maialino), drink at the bar (Keens), and other NYC-restaurant quandaries. [NYTM]

• How many kinds of Pringles are there? As this illustrated chart shows, quite a few. Prawn Cocktail? Okay … [NYTM]

• No matter how much restaurants publish calorie counts or MObama pushes veggies, Americans still just want to order burgers and fries. [Businessweek]