Much Like Its Customers, IHOP Is Getting Larger

Good morning, heart attack.

14th Street was never exactly quaint, but the grit had a real charm. It’s no news that the block also has a hulkish IHOP now. Grub has heard from several locals about the huge banners and oceans of blue that extended even further yesterday, and like it or not, we also got word that 27 more International House of Pancakes are opening in the tristate area. “IHOP is an incredible brand which has been greatly underrepresented in the New York area,” says Michael Ashkenazy, head of site selection for TriHop. “The customers’ reactions and the dedication they’ve shown just two weeks in, confirms the void in the marketplace and the people’s love for IHOP.” The company is "actively" looking for more locations, so whether you’re a lover or a hater, keep your eyes open and your trainer on speed dial.