Lindsay Lohan Tries to Buy Sprinkles and In-N-Out for L.A. Morgue Staff

Just wants to buy the world a Coke...
Just wants to buy the world a Coke... Photo: Americanistadechiapas via Flickr

She’s trying this time, she’s really trying. After a late arrival on day one that landed her in hot water, Lindsay Lohan appeared super-extra-early last week at the L.A. morgue where she was to begin court-ordered community service. Armed with a whole new attitude for day two, Lohan also unveiled a new game plan to apologize and get people to see what a nice, normal girl she is: Bribery through food.

According to E! Online, Lohan tried to have both In-N-Out Burger and a box of Sprinkles cupcakes delivered to the job-site to share with the staff. Both deliveries were denied by the coroner on duty, who then had a talk with Lohan about squashing this kind of Hollywood behavior.

Though Lohan denied making the Sprinkles order, her own rep totally snitched that the actress was not only behind the In-N-Out purchase, but also ordered the cupcakes, all intended for a crew of volunteers to eat while digesting what a real salt-of-the-earth kind of person she really is. Alas, even the troubled star’s best intentions no longer go unpunished.

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