Lee Schrager’s Most Delicious Experience All Weekend

Marble Lane wins for yummiest Lee Schrager moment.
Marble Lane wins for yummiest Lee Schrager moment. Photo: Patrick McMullen

While no food consumption can top Eater’s documentation of Daniel Boulud eating a Twinkie while blindfolded — “Very nice but cheap … It’s some very factory like cake. It’s not a Madeline. It’s too sticky” — Grub got the New York Wine & Food Festival mastermind himself, Lee Schrager, to stop being so diplomatic (we know all proceeds go to New York’s hunger crisis and we think it’s great!) and tell us what the very best thing to touch his lips was throughout the entire festival. After pondering long and hard over at the Guy Fieri grand finale garage party, four seconds before heading home to sleep for, like, ever, Schrager mused: “Okay. The sandwich event we had on Saturday, I had something from Marble Lane; they had a Kobe beef patty melt that was unreal. I’m embarrassed to tell you I came back three times. It was extraordinary, I’m telling you. Extraordinary.”