Your Grub Street Food Festival D.J.’s: Michael Laiskonis and Alex Pasternak

Takes place October 23.

Last week we gave you a preview of some of the 75-plus vendors that will be slinging food at next Sunday's Grub Street Food Festival at the Hester Street Fair. Today we can tell you who will be spinning the tunes: Santos Party House has teamed up with both Alex Pasternak (of Lemonade) and Le Bernardin pastry chef Michael Laiskonis. (You'll recall Laiskonis has quite the rock-star past.) What to expect? Laiskonis tells us that in addition to "a subtle/not-so-subtle undercurrent of silly food related tracks," he'll also "be mining the vast indie scene" from the sixties up to the present. Just a reminder that the festival kicks off this Sunday, October 23, at 10 a.m., and Laiskonis and Pasternak will be playing from noon onwards. See you out there.

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