What You Missed at Los Angeles Food & Wine

Mark Peel at Saturday's Lexus Grand Tasting Event

We’ve finally sobered up sufficiently to look back on the endless culinary and quaffing events that swept through the city this past weekend as part of Los Angeles Food and Wine. We were more than a touch skeptical that our town needed another food festival, no less a 70-event culinary happening that stretched for four days, attached with flashing video billboards and a lengthy roll-call of corporate sponsors. But when all was said and done, we admit being impressed by the organization of this premiere event and more importantly, were wowed by each and every dish presented. Following last week’s red carpet premiere, Grub Street attended the Tom Colicchio-less “Tom Colicchio’s Clambake,” Saturday’s Lexus Grand Tasting in Downtown, and Guy Fieri’s Brew-B-Que (which yes, embarrasses us to utter out loud) and encountered an army of prominent chefs homegrown and visiting raising the culinary bar high for years to come. Take a look at the food porn we amassed and the celebrity chefs we got to know a little better in this slideshow look at the first Los Angeles Food and Wine.