Kerry Simon Introduces Halloween Horror Bites to L.A. Market

Simon's Spooky Junk Food Platter
Simon's Spooky Junk Food Platter Photo: L.A. Market

Who better than the rock ‘n roll chef to kick out some Rocktober jams? Kerry Simon is tricking out his treats this year with a Halloween version of his famous “junk food platter” at Simon L.A. and L.A. Market. Debuting October 15th, the spooky, possibly even “ooky,” collection of sweet things includes cake pops in the shape of mummies and bats, multi-hued snowballs, pumpkin shaped Rice Krispy and Fruit Loop treats, a candy and caramel corn parfait, chocolate chip cookies, and frosted brownies with gummy worms poking through their surfaces. The dessert option will be served through Halloween, and we can officially mark L.A. Market off our list of restaurants we plan to throw eggs at this year.