Introducing Fogcutter, the New-New Name of Brunch Box

The signage is a work in progress.
The signage is a work in progress. Photo: Grub Street

Just ten days ago we announced that the brunch truck known as Brunch Box, which was making weekend appearances outside Ritual, was becoming Bandit. Then we were at Treasure Island Music Festival over the weekend and spotted a sandwich truck that looked suspiciously like Brunch Box’s, with a handmade sign that said Fogcutter, which served us a very delicious roast chicken torta with apple slaw and aioli. And now we see that yes, Fogcutter is the new name. They changed it up once again, and hopefully this one will stick. Follow them on Tumblr and Twitter for their whereabouts and menu updates. And do note their tagline is now “brunch, lunch, etc.” [Grub Street, Earlier]