Hudson Valley Foie Gras Prez: California Ban Is ‘Ridiculous’

Team Foie Gras.
Team Foie Gras.

One of the more intriguing vendors inside the VIP room at last night’s City Harvest event was Michael Ginor, co-founder and president of Hudson Valley Foie Gras. So what does he think of all the controversy surrounding his product? He told Grub that the chances of New York ever making foie illegal were “very small,” and that the upcoming ban in California is “obviously very ridiculous.”

“How are you going to regulate it?” Ginor added. “It’s just a matter of time before it’s repealed. Schwarzenegger turned out not to be quite the saint; I think a new governor, who might understand the complexity of the foie gras production, might see it differently.”

And how does Ginor personally respond to all the raging foie haters? “I urge everybody to get educated on the subject. The animal rights propaganda is very different from the truth … ducks have a very different anatomy than humans do. And there’s no stress, there’s no pain, there’s no disease being caused.”