In Case Anyone Was Worried, Occupy Wall Street Is Eating Well

They can't fight hunger and Wall Street.
They can't fight hunger and Wall Street. Photo: iStockphoto

As the Occupy Wall Street protest continues into its third week, demonstrators camping outdoors in Zuccotti Park are subsisting off some pretty decent food donations. At the movement’s makeshift kitchen in the center of the park, Grub found heroes stuffed with turkey, bowls of fresh salad (with arugula!), bagels, orange slices in plastic cups, apples, an array of pepperoni pizzas, and a large tinfoil container of bread pudding … plus a collection of candy bars. Not too shabby! “We’re feeding people as fast as we can,” said Anj Ferrara, 24, who took a hiatus from her artwork in Brooklyn to to join the protest. “We get cases of fresh produce … a grandmother in Idaho sent us home-baked cookies. We also get meals from a group called Food Not Bombs.” Another protester told Grub that he’s wary of eating at local restaurants because of “unconfirmed” reports that detractors of the Wall Street demonstration were tampering with foods and “putting laxatives in them.” Talk about dirty business.