Should the U.S. Start Slaughtering Horses Again?

Doesn't seems so bad if you call it "la viande chevaline."
Doesn't seems so bad if you call it "la viande chevaline." Photo: Richard W.M. Jones

Today the Times tells us that the last slaughterhouse in the U.S. to kill horses for meat closed five years ago. What’s happened since? Well, people in foreign countries aren’t really eating any less horse meat (which has the very sexy name “viande chevaline” in France), so American horses are still ending up on the world’s dinner plates — the slaughter just happens outside the country. And some people think that means the U.S. is losing out on money that could be made off a practice that’s going to happen anyway. As you’d guess, animal welfare groups say that’s nonsense. Hugue Dufour, chef from the now-shuttered M. Wells, who the Times says served horse while working in Canada, adds, “It’s slightly hypocritical to allow these horses to be slaughtered anyway up in Canada or Mexico and not allow people here to get the income or serve the meat.” Plus, have you ever had horse carpaccio? Or sausage made with horse meat? It’s not like it tastes bad. Anyway, let us know what you think. [NYT]