High Soda Consumption Linked to Violence; Prepare for Everything to Keep Being ‘Artisanal’

• Some “shocking” new research has found a link between teens who drink a high quantity of soda and those who commit violent acts. So we guess they’ll soon be taking the soda part out of Four Loko, too. [Breitbart]

• Though many people in the food world are already sick of the word “artisanal,” it’s just catching on in mainstream marketing. Oh, great. [USAT]

• Speaking of, the bun on Burger King’s newly unveiled hamburger is “artisanal”; the sandwich also has bacon, red onions, romaine, and “Griller” sauce. [NRN]

• In order to compete with Kwik Meal, Halal cart Fahima has the same photo of Bobby Flay on display as Kwik (which provided Flay with a Throwdown-winning recipe) … only Fahima’s owner is Photoshopped in. [Midtown Lunch]

• Holy Chardonnay: Here’s a kind of amazing video of a shelf of wine collapsing and sending a sea of booze across a store floor. [HuffPo]

• Canned beer is not just for hipsters and hicks anymore: You can now get some pretty good craft beers, including Fat Tire and Sixpoint, in a can. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine]