Maybe There’s Something to the Red Sox Fried Chicken Rumor After All

Photo: istockphoto

Last week we discussed the possibility that the Red Sox’s collapse was quite possibly due to overconsumption of fried chicken. Now more evidence has emerged that suggests poultry (and not just any poultry: Popeye’s!) really was to blame for the team’s implosion. That, and too much beer.

The Globe reports that Jon Lester has broken the team’s silence on the subject, doing his best to undermine grim visions of a group of hard-luck athletes saddled with a yen for fried-chicken and cheap suds.

“Instead of staying on the bench pulling for their struggling teammates, Red Sox starting pitchers were back in the clubhouse drinking beer and diving into the 16-piece family meal ($31.99, includes three large sides and eight biscuits) during the 2011 season,” the paper reports.

Lester does admit to throwing back beer in the clubhouse but insists that “It was a ninth-inning rally beer. Most of the times, it was one beer, a beer. It was like having a Coke in terms of how it affected you.” As for those Popeye’s runs? “We probably ordered it like once a month.”

Maybe they’ll switch to barbecue next season, since Tiffani Faison is moving up the street.

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