Former Five-Star Chef, Now Broke, Feeds Occupy Wall Street

A gourmand gets involved.
A gourmand gets involved. Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND

Eric Smith ran a swank, unnamed, hotel kitchen in New York for six years, until he got laid off and lost all his money. Now he finds solace cooking in a Brooklyn soup kitchen that provides food for Occupy Wall Street. He tells RT that his dream is to open a taco truck, but for now, serving up Zuccotti Park (and sleeping there, too) is his idea of fulfillment. “Cooking for rich fat cats in Manhattan and trying to get the food out as fast as possible, making sure it’s all perfect for them … The rich and poor being so separated, I always felt that was wrong,” he says in the clip. “This is something that makes me feel like I can make a difference and make a change.” [RT]