For a Good Time, Call ... (Updated)

Cappucino with extra stupid.

In case you also had a little too much fun at Monkey Bar last night (Damon Wise can cook) and woke up feeling a little cranky, here's a cheap thrill from Ruth Bourdain to you. Or maybe from these guys to you. Whatever. It wants you to call: 772-257-4501. [Ruth Bourdain/Twitter]

Update: Further sleuthery from the Grub team has shed some light on the reason for Ruth Bourdain's Rick Rolling tweet, referenced above. It seems that last night, Ruth Reichl tweeted her e-mail and phone number to the world (that tweet is now deleted, though we've saved your digits, Ruth!), which was probably a botched direct message. As he/she usually does, Ruth Bourdain parodied the tweet.