Ferran Adrià Further Affirms That Harvard Is the Best School Ever

Take that, Yale.
Take that, Yale. Photo: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

Adrià, who launched his Science and Cooking series at Harvard last year, is giving the university even more love. He’s enlisting Harvard Business School students to compete to showcase their vision for his nascent elBullifoundation culinary think-tank, whose first-year budget is a mere $1.37 million. Discussing the project yesterday in Cambridge, he went so far as to say that Harvard is the “first university in the world to understand the importance of cooking.” (The contest also is open to the smart young upstarts at Columbia, Berkeley, London Business School and, fittingly, ESADE Business School in Barcelona.) And to think: Not so long ago, parents packing their progeny off to Harvard would never dream that they might become (gasp!) chefs. [Herald]