Ferran Adria Drops in on Manresa, Coi [Updated]

Adria and Kinch, 10/8/11.
Adria and Kinch, 10/8/11. Photo: Courtesy of David Kinch

“Tough crowd tonight…” tweeted chef David Kinch on Saturday, along with a photo of him in the Manresa kitchen with Ferran Adrià. Arguably the greatest culinary mind of his generation, the godfather of molecular gastronomy, and the man who recently inspired a thousand and one journalists to eulogize his restaurant, El Bulli, Adrià is in the Bay Area for a sold-out talk this evening at the Castro Theater, in conjunction with the release of his book Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adrià. His first food stop appears to have been Manresa down in Los Gatos, and we’re still waiting to hear where he dined last night. [David Kinch/Twitter] Update: An informant tells us that Adrià spent Sunday evening at Coi, which makes sense — Patterson is the only S.F. chef besides Kinch featured for his innovations in Modernist Cuisine, after all. [Grub Street]