Next Week on Grub Street: The Feeding Tube

Kicking off next Monday.
Kicking off next Monday. Photo: Jen Cotton

Next Monday, when everyone is still recovering from Sunday’s Grub Street Food Festival, we’re going to kick off a special week of food television coverage. It doesn’t mean we’ll cool it with the usual food and restaurant news, just that we’ll be supplementing our regularly scheduled programming with a special post or twelve. We’re calling it the Feeding Tube, and we wanted to give you a quick idea of what we have lined up: Among many other things, we’ll explore how the very notion of “food television” has changed the way we eat as a country (for better and for worse); pull the lid back on one celeb chef’s entire financial empire; allow cooking-competition-show bad guys to explain themselves; and get Anthony Bourdain riled up about something other than Paula Deen. Should be fun!