Eton on Vanderbilt, Kong Kee Are Dunzo

Also toast: Eton on Vanderbilt's shaved ice.
Also toast: Eton on Vanderbilt's shaved ice. Photo: TheGirlsNY/Flickr

We had wondered how Eton on Vanderbilt would be affected when the superlative Chuko opened a few months back, and here’s our answer: The dumpling and “Hawaiian ramen” shop has shuttered. An employee at Eton’s other location tells us doors closed Monday. Elsewhere in the Asian-food-iverse, there’s more sad news: We noticed this morning that our favorite breakfast tofu (not to mention $3 Chinese lunch) canteen, Kong Kee — better known as “that tofu place at the corner of Bowery and Grand” — is dunzo as well. A peek through the grates shows the interior demolished. We’ll be lunching on dumplings in remembrance today.