Wow, A Restaurant in Kendall Square Is Actually Closing

They had such great bathrooms, too.
They had such great bathrooms, too. Photo:

Could it be? The Enormous Room, between Central and Kendall, is shutting down after 9 years in business, Chowder reports. This weekend will be their last. We’re not incredibly surprised. Owner Gary Strack, who also operates Central Kitchen and the soft-open Firebrand Saints, has had his hands full lately. As we told you a while back, he’s also the culinary force behind Kendall Square’s Venture Cafe , a techie salon-turned-Euro-cafe. So maybe the Enormous Room just got too big to handle. Chowder says the new venue will be “nightlife related,” which underscores the MIT neighborhood’s desire to make the area more “edgy.” [Chowder, Related]