Ellen and Portia Investing in Valley Vegan Restaurant with Chrissie Hynde

Ellen Degeneres, with her supernatural vegan glow
Ellen Degeneres, with her supernatural vegan glow Photo: Ronpaulrevolt2008 via Flickr

Finally, something that might actually make us visit a vegan restaurant! The Hollywood Reporter announces that cruelty-free couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are investing in a forthcoming San Fernando Valley vegan restaurant with Pretenders singer/PETA guerrilla Chrissie Hynde and million-heir producer/Liz Hurley-ex Steve Bing (who showed us his own animal instincts while trying to butt in line at The Hangover 2 premiere). What’s going on here?

Tal Ronnen, who cooked for Oprah during her 21-day vegan cleanse and catered Ellen and Portia’s wedding, will head up the kitchen here, while decorator Waldo Fernandez, who designed Brangelina’s abode, will be behind the interiors. Basically, from its famous investors to its televised toque to the Ventura Blvd. location, this project couldn’t reek more of Hollywood trendiness even if it served steamed bean curd straight from Jake Gyllenhaal’s pocket.

DeGeneres, like so many “enlightened” entertainers these days, is clinging closely to the anti-carnivore caboose, having launched a website called Going Vegan With Ellen in August. We admit, Ellen does have a supernaturally healthy glow about her that we shed sometime between beer #500 and bacon-and-egg breakfast #321.

Presumably, the new restaurant will be called “Eating Vegan with Ellen” or “Purifying with Portia” and will be a total hot-spot for vegan celebs like Mike Tyson and Alicia Silverstone, as well as all those meat-eating celebs who are just dying to look like vegans in public (we’re looking at you, Zooey, Bill Clinton, and Gwyneth).

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