O.C. Doctor Breaks Bad at Starbucks

A Starbucks sting operation
A Starbucks sting operation Photo: Dimitri N. via Flickr

“Let’s see, we’ll take the venti Vicodin and one tall Adderall, please…” Some local Starbucks employees lent a hand to help Feds nab an Orange County doctor selling opiates out of scattered SoCal locations. According to The L.A. Times, Mission Viejo’s Alvin Ming-Czech Yee met with customers at different Starbucks stores nightly over a year, selling them a rainbow of prescription drugs, some of which we haven’t even tried. Not only was Yee slangin’ to the Southland, but drug offenders arrested as far as Phoenix and Detroit admitted they’d visited Starbucks stores in O.C. to meet up with Yee. Wait, did anyone actually think they were coming for the dark roast? [LAT]