213 Bars Turn Into Themed Zombie Wastelands

"Braaains...and boooooze!"
"Braaains...and boooooze!" Photo: Moggs oceanlane via Flickr

What’s creepier: Zombie Jim Morrison or zombie Pinocchio? Obviously, the dead puppet takes the prize, especially seeing as Jessica Gelt claims it “stole [her] innocence” at The Golden Gopher last night. To celebrate Samhain, Cedd Moses’ collection of Downtown bars are competing this weekend to see which team can produce the scariest horror theme and best-tasting punch bowl. Cole’s has a gangland slaying set-up while Las Perlas is doing Dia de Los Muertos, and Seven Grand is on the “slutty” costume route, with shirtless bartenders in kilts. Join the tippling terror all weekend this through Monday at any of 213’s eight drinking holes of despair. [LAT]